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So after many adventures and too many connecting flights to shake a stick at, I finally arrived in Dresden, where the Krogis Mission school is located. So good to be around people after traveling for so long. The people here are so amazing! Reminds me a lot of what I can imagine the church in Acts was like. So many languages and nationalities, but all with the same love for Christ. The only night I stayed there they had a service that was simultaneously translated into Turkish and Portuguese.

After my nights stay there, and a beautiful nights rest of finally sleeping horizontally, the morning arrived quick and two girls and I headed off to Prague. This is where we were going to make a connecting flight to Athens ending in Albania were we were going to meet up with the rest of the NLM team.

Knowing nothing of Albania before I arrived, it was a fascinating place to be. The city where we are is made up of haphazardly organized buildings drastically ranging in quality and size. One building will be a beautifully designed hotel and the next will be an completely run down abandoned empty frame of a building. It is so awesome!! You can literally be in the center of the city and walk by ruins. As a climber, I am constantly tempted to climb just about everything, however, I am trying my best to avoid ending up in Albanian prison :/ haha.

So finally met up with the rest of the No Longer Music team who had recently been in Turkey for the first two concerts of the tour. Great people, instantly was welcomed into the family. My soul is happy to be with people so passionate about Jesus.

Looks like we have a free day tomorrow and our first concert is on Saturday. Pumped to see what the Lord does! Keep praying! He is going to do some amazing things!



Athens from the air!




Albanian Mountians!





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