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Today is the day, although the concert was scheduled last night, but a tragic death of a small child occurred two days ago when a drunk driver drove down a residential street. The town urged us to postpone the concert till today to respect the grieving as it is a small town. You could really tell a weight that was preset during out night out on the street. It is a very difficult thing, and we ask that you pray that God will use the presence of death to open the people’s heart to the Gospel. Also that the concert will go smoothly and most of all God will have His way among the people of Polican.

This morning we were able to attend the only church here in Polican, which is also the same building we have been sleeping in. What a beautiful community of believers, young and old. It is so encouraging to watch the leaders of the church as they have been serving us. They have been planting seeds here in Polican for two years, but have only seen glimpses of fruit from their ministry.

Our prayers is that the concert tonight will be the beginning of a radical change in Polican. That God will make himself present in a way the meets the locals at their level.

God is good!


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