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Media Parable Films // About Us // Minnesota Video Production

Media Parable CameraMedia Parable is a Minnesota video production company that crafts visually stunning stories using the power of film to move hearts of people who see them.  The word “parable” in Hebrew means, “an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.” At Media Parable Films, we believe telling stories powerfully shapes the world around us. Stories cause us to laugh, cry, and pursue our dreams. Everyone has a story to tell, and Media Parable works to help share it through the power of film.

However, daily the consumer is bombarded by empty advertisements promising it all, but fulfilling nothing. Our culture is saturated with plastic, prefabricated, tired messages… leaving the individual more difficult to reach. In order to create a lasting impact on the audience, we want to share stories clearly, concisely, and with eye catching character.  Our culture is thirsty for something pure, powerful, and potent.

Media Parable Films responds by articulating your story with integrity and professional craftsmanship. Nothing is overlooked, but rather utilized as an opportunity to make your story not only unique, but also specific to you. Regardless of what your story may be, Media Parable Films is committed to telling it in a way that is not only visually stunning, but also communicates a deeper meaning.

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