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Jake & Mary

Ceremony held at Notre Dame de Chicago Parish

Brittany & Grant

Ceremony held at First Lutheran Church

Pastor from River City Church

Collin & Rachel

Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard

Ola & Borys

Media Parable went international!  Sorry no English subtitles…

Alex & Bree

Alex and Bree deserve all the credit for making their video so great.  They planned such a beautiful day at Alex family farm complete down to every detail.  We worked alongside Plaid Poppy Photography and had an incredible time bouncing ideas off of each other for all the locations on their farm.

See more of our wedding work HERE

Katie & Brock

Their wedding intimately placed on the lawn of Katies, the brides, family home.  It started off a raining day, but just in time for the ceremony everything cleared up!  We worked alongside Lead Image Photography.

See more of our wedding films HERE

CHICAGO WEDDING! had a great time road trippin’ it out there from Minneapolis! ya!

shooting a music video! so pumped! stay tuned in the next few weeks for the final edit! :D

fun little side project…VISUAL POEM! :D

holy fun-tastic! this was a blast of a wedding to shoot! hope you enjoy watching it as much as i did shooting it (impossible…ha!)

Had to mix things up a bit and make something a little wacky.  Had a ton of fun with this one.  Went for the music video feel in the beginning before things get serious at the end.  ENJOY! :D

:: LOVE ::

Sorry I have not kept the blog updated the past few weeks.  it has been a battle getting all these videos done so quickly and I have had little off time, but enjoy these videos!  God is doing some crazy stuff in Poland through NLM, you can really see how He has prepared the hearts of the people here before we came.

Jesus is awesome! :D

NLM’s first show in Poland!  Check it out!


Setting up for NLMs first show in Poland! Videos coming soon!


Here is the last of the Kosovo videos!  Whew!…alot of work for just two videos, but I really enjoyed working on these two.  Having the extra time on these was a great break from the chaos of cranking out material on tour.  It is a battle on tour as concerts are back to back and just as your finishing a video, you’re editing a new one.  However, I am learning a lot from producing so many videos in so little time.  I am looking forward to going back into battle (aka tour) and seeing what God has in store for the people in Poland!  Leave Monday!

:: thank you for your prayers ::

Catching up on videos from Kosovo.  Had some extra time to edit while I have been here in Krogis, so put some extra time in the videos from Kosovo.

This one is my favorite so far.

Krogis, Germany

After almost two days of traveling we finally arrived in Krogis, Germany where the Radical Mission School is located.  I first was at the school at the beginning of the tour before I flew to Albania, but was only there for the night and left early the next morning.  So having about a week to relax and rest before going back on tour, I was eager to explore the small village of Korgis!

Krogis is so picaresque, I find myself just looking around and saying to myself “I didn’t know places like this even existed!”  The settings you find yourself in, as you wander the village, are similar to places that you’ve seen in movies or photos that you never really thought actually existed in a physical place.  I would love to film a short film here along the beautifully crafted cobble stone roads and the dramatic street lamps that illuminate the alleys at night.  Wish you could be here to experience it all first hand with me, but here are some photos that I snapped while meandering through the cities’ town and fields.

Krogis is filled with fruit!  Went on a walk with a buddy and found apples, plums, figs, cherries, and pears!  YUM!

Krogis is such a great place to find peace.  God has used this place to give me a lot of clarity and direction on what He wants me to pursue these up coming years, so excited for it all!! :D

Here are some more pics from the road trip across Europe!

View from Serbian Pizza Cafe.

Back on the road heading into a storm.

I generally avoid fast food on the road, but gas stations in Hungary actually make me hungry ;)

Looks a lot like the all too familiar drive from Minneapolis to Fargo…


European Transcontinental Road Trip!

NLM Kosovo tour is complete, our next show will be in Poland. With the later notice that I was coming on the tour, they were not able to get me a flight from Kosovo to Germany where the mission school is located. Hence I am road tripping across Europe in the equipment van!


At first I was a little bummed to be away from the rest of the team, but as the ride began, I found it very exciting as we traveled through some amazing landscapes!

Our first direction was to cross into Serbia from Kosovo…this is where we
met our first problem. Lack of a better words, Kosovo and Serbia are not good friends, and Serbia is also not friends with anyone who are friends with Kosovo (America being one of them)…what is this middle school?! Kiss and make already!…

Anyway, this international feud is fairly recent as Kosovo recently established their declaration of independence only a few years ago, making it one of the youngest countries in the world. However, as it prior being apart of Serbia, Serbia denies recognizing it as a country. The problem lies as an American crossing from Albania to Kosovo earlier last week, they stamped my passport as me entering Kosovo, not Serbia. So essentially they saw me as illegal in their country and didn’t want me traveling further into it. Ug…

So the solution was we needed to drive back to Paja, Kosovo where we came from, and travel north west to the country of Montenegro and then enter Serbia. Essentially, entering Serbia from a country that Serbia recognizes as a country…

Here are a few pics of the border of Serbia and Kosovo.



So we turned around to cross back over our 3 hour drive that we came from…One thing that drives me crazy is turning around, I hate getting lost and having to cross back over tracts you already made. However, this is no hwy 94 to Fargo…soon enough we were ascending thousands of feet, traveling through rugged territory. Wow!! Here are a few pics of the beauty.



So finally we enter Serbia…whew! It was time to grab some food, which is definitely a difficult task being in a foreign country that doesn’t speak your language…so we were traveling through a small town and looked for anything that seemed of good quality. Not wanting to be to adventurous as food poisoning would be a doosy on a road trip, we saw something that said “pizza” so we stopped and parked!

The food was nothing to boast of, however, it was great to sit among the city and watch the surrounding commotion. As we ate, our curious waiter sat down with us to talk. He spoke very little English, but enough to have a decent conversation. I asked him about the town. I expected to hear history, but he told me how poor the town was and how hard it was to live there. He told me that there is little opportunities there, but people can’t afford to go to college or move elsewhere, so people are stuck. It was hard to hear and it prompted me to think about how much I take living in America for granted. We have so many opportunities to travel, education, and jobs. We have so much freedom, but I guess you see it as normal until your experience something contrary….

Something to ponder about for sure, I know I will be.

Now we are back on the road! By the way, the person I am traveling with is from Poland and only speaks very basic English, so that only adds to the entire experience ;) Anyways, we travel most of the night, sleep at a rest stop, continue in the morning and arrive at the Serbia Hungary border…again another problem with customs.

I still don’t understand the issue, but what I could understand from them was we were missing a necessary paper needed to cross…making things more difficult, was the custom officers didn’t speak English. So we essentially don’t know how to fix our problem, at know the problem itself, and we have no one to communicate with to find out…so who do you call? AMERICA! A quick glance at my passport and I had a number to transfer me to the US embassy in Budapest. After a few calls back and forth we got things moving at least. However, we still didn’t know the outcome and worry was setting over me…”Are we going to have to stay here for several days waiting? What if we have to travel around another country? What if we die a slow painful and lonely death in the Serbia customs office?!!!…” Just kidding, but I was a little overwhelmed with the situation, as I was essentially in charge of fixing it since I spoke the language the officers at least know a little of.

So I prayed…

I have been learning a lot about how God really just wants us to go to him and how He simply desires our presence just as we should desire his. Also God has been teaching me how if I have faith in the truth that He is big, all of life’s problems instantly become small. But when my view of God is small, problems instantly become big. So I wanted to trust God on this one…

After about a half hour of waiting, God not only provided a trucker who could translate for us, but also after communicating with the officers and having the US embassy on our side, the now expensive piece of paper we needed to cross the border, that would take days to obtain, suddenly wasn’t necessary and within minutes, we were back on our way to Germany!! Wow God is good!! I am so thankful to have a God who answers prayers and truly desires to help us. He is a good father and we are his children. So thankful and blessed!

What a crazy last 24 hours! But now we are back on our way. I ask for prayers that there won’t be any more delays and that the next 500 miles will go safely and smoothly!

Random, but this is what I just ate! YUM! :)


Love you all!

:: God provides ::

Slowly but surely catching up with videos!  This one was a pretty wacky concert for NLM…However, it’s a bit late for me to write coherently about anything…so I will fill ya’ll in tomorrow!

Love you mom! :D

Concert about to start in Paja, Kosovo. What an amazing backdrop for NLMs last concert in Kosovo.



Peja, Kosovo

Crossed over the border of Albania to Kosovo the other day. I am stunned by the mountains and the town here. It is such an amazing place…wow.

Here are some photos near where we are staying.



Just had out first concert yesterday in a town about 2 hours away and went really well! We actually are having our next concert tonight at the same venue. Looking forward to seeing God move again.


Heading to Kosovo!

Driving to Kosovo!  Who knew this place was so beautiful!!  Here are a few shots from the iPhone that by no means give this place justice!  More pics of this beautiful country coming soon!

Burrel, Albania

This was out last concert in Albania…so sad.  But what a great way to end our time here.  However, at first it didn’t look so hot.  After getting all the equipment ready and put together, we found out the electricity power that we were getting wasn’t enough.  The results where unusable sound quality and limited use of lights, etc.  After looking into plan, A, B, C, D and E, we decided to unplug all the lights and subs.  But we had faith that even without all the fancy stuff we thought was necessary,  God had a plan to share the Gospel, and there was nothing that would stop that from happening.

So as we started the concert, a major crowd began to grow and grow.  Someone counted upwards of 1000 people!  WOW!  With no advertisements and a concert that was stripped to almost an a cappella, the Gospel was proclaimed and received by many in the saturated muslim populated town of Burrel.  It was a humbling experience for everyone to see how God doesn’t need any fancy lights or smoke to make His good news proclaimed and effective to his children.

:: God is a lot stronger than we allow Him to be ::

Video still in production…upload in the next 24 hrs

I’ll let the video do most of the talking on this one, but an awesome concert where God really taught us that He can “calm the storm”…in this case, literally ;)

One of three that will be uploaded tonight!  Check it.

NLM in Lushjne, Albania

Playing catch up with all concerts we have had back to back the past week.  Just finished several videos today and will be upload later.  So keep your eyes open!

So after our awesome experience in Grabian we were off to Lushjne the next day.  Lushnje is predominately a muslim city of about 55 thousand with maybe 100 believers.  So it is also another very unreached place.

The band set up on a main square in the city. It was in the late afternoon but it was still REALLY hot. Probably 90 Fahrenheit but as the “embedded journalist”, while the crew is setting up for the concert, I have the “difficult” job of sitting in an air conditioned cafe editing away :)  haha…But its a different kind of work for sure as I don’t quite get breaks however.  I’ll be editing during the little time we have in the morning before we leave for the venue, crank away while they set up, film the concert, and export and convert footage once we get back to where were staying.  AKA, my computer is getting a work out!

It has been awesome tho!  As I get more familiar with the concert and what to shoot, I have more time to look around at the people watching the concert.  At this concert specifically, I had a very bizarre moment.  I was looking around at the context of the venue and thought to myself “I am in Albania…WOW, that’s really weird…cool!”  It was really the first time I had time to process anything after all the new experiences that were occurring throughout traveling.  I still feel a little wack being so far away from home, but at the same time I am right where my heart wants to be.  I love being right in the action of God at work…when the power of the God is so tangible…When you can see God work in such amazing ways, it blows me away!  And also that God lets me be apart of it all..so nuts!

Anyways, I am loving every second of touring with NLM.  The people are awesome and I can already tell they will be friends for a lifetime.  God is using this ministry to reach out to the forgotten ones of our world.  It is so evident of the reliance on God in the midst of struggle and tribulation during the hard times of tour.  It is ao great to be apart of a ministry that relies so much on God and not on their own power and will.


:: over and out ::



The goons I get to hang out with all summer! :D


Grabian, Albania

The past few days have been a crazy ride.  After our concert in Polican, we headed off to Tirana, a major city in Albania.  We checked into our hotel and had a meeting.  During the meeting, the local pastor who organized our concert the next day told us the show was cancelled.  The show was scheduled to play at a local jail, however due to some unknown reason, they asked to postpone to a date we could not commit to.  So now we have a night where we don’t have anything scheduled.  Frustrating none the less…so we prayed.  We left in groups of two to pray that God would provide a venue to play at.  After coming back an opportunity had arisen!  PRAISE GOD!

However, with little advertising, and little to no planning with the location…it was going to be a very unpredictable, but God definitely had a plan!…

The venue was going to be hosted in a town called Grabian.  What we were told is that the city was used to exile and contain people that the government saw as outcasts.  So essentially, massive group of people who are rejects from society.  Such a sad place to be, but what an amazing place to be a light to a place that is in such pain.

When we arrived in our giant red van, a small group of kids saw and and ran over…this group turned into a crowd, and soon to a swarm!  I mean lets be honest, a large group of random people jump out of a van, start unpacking guitars and speakers in your town square in your rural city in Albania, what kid wouldn’t freak out!  It was great at first to be welcomed with such excitement, however honestly, it got a little nuts.  I was attempting to edit a video in a cafe just off the square and a group of kids we VERY interested in whatever I was doing.  Here is a few picks of the maddness :D

What a crazy group of kids! haha.  They did settle down a bit after the day went on, and I ended up becoming great friends with the kid above in the white shirt named Antonio.  What a STUD!

As the night progressed we all were anxious about how the night would look.  We were nervous about the lack of advertisement and if the night wouldn’t have any turn out…but in our lack of faith, GOD PROVIDED!  Word must have spread through town while we were unpacking and a mighty good size crew showed up for the start of the show at 7:30.

The town square was PACKED to see the show!  WOW, GOD IS GOOD.  He provides even in the midst of our weakness…proves of our reliance on God is more than essential.  The show went extremely well despite the  lack of a stage (had another fallout with a local company that we planned to rent from).

You could see how each person was desperate to see the show and was effected by the message once the concert ended.  As I was running around getting interviews , which is usually difficult to get people to talk, it was almost overwhelming on how many people were so willing to talk about how they met God that night!  I even had an interview with an old man in his 70′s that said “I felt a weight on my body I have never felt before as I watched the show.”  Later he told me he has been involved in many religions, but tonight he had found TRUTH.  WOW!!

We left that night feeling so grateful we serve a God that can provided supernaturally!  God did amazing work that night, and we are praying and ask that you join in prayer for the people of Grabian!  God is moving and we need the local church to come around and raise up the seeds planted.

Video will be up in a few days!

:: Love ya’ll ::

First video from the tour!  Check it out!

Polican, Albania Concert

I apologize for the delay in posts recently, internet in Albania you can guess, is a little unreliable…But here I am, still alive and well! :D

I will pick up where I left off…The Polican concert was an outstanding way to start the Albanian portion of the tour.  After the concert was postponed a day, we had a lot of time to build relationships in the town.  This was a huge blessing as much of the time we don’t get this opportunity.  This made the concert a lot more personal for the locals we met, and really connected our hearts to the people in Polican.

In Polican there is only a handful of believers at the local church, most of them foreigners.  So it is a very unreached part part of the world.  It was awesome to see the Gospel clearly proclaimed to almost 1000 people that night.  34 indicated that they wished to personally receive more information about Jesus.  The local believers will be doing follow up with every person who expressed interest, which is essential for further growth and discipleship.




Concert about to start! :D


Today is the day, although the concert was scheduled last night, but a tragic death of a small child occurred two days ago when a drunk driver drove down a residential street. The town urged us to postpone the concert till today to respect the grieving as it is a small town. You could really tell a weight that was preset during out night out on the street. It is a very difficult thing, and we ask that you pray that God will use the presence of death to open the people’s heart to the Gospel. Also that the concert will go smoothly and most of all God will have His way among the people of Polican.

This morning we were able to attend the only church here in Polican, which is also the same building we have been sleeping in. What a beautiful community of believers, young and old. It is so encouraging to watch the leaders of the church as they have been serving us. They have been planting seeds here in Polican for two years, but have only seen glimpses of fruit from their ministry.

Our prayers is that the concert tonight will be the beginning of a radical change in Polican. That God will make himself present in a way the meets the locals at their level.

God is good!


Polican, Albania

Arrived in the small mountain village of Polican, Albania yesterday. What an amazing place! I believe this town is one of the worlds best kept secrets. It is not only beautifully positioned in the mountains, but the people here are so communally oriented. Every night at 7:30 the main street becomes packed with people. We were told that this happens regularly without any event or festival to bring them together. They simply come to a common place to interact and talk. People from all ages come and enjoy each others company. It is an amazing sight to see people desire to be around their neighbors. I am learning so much just from watching this town.

Tonight will be the first concert since the rest of the NLM team joined us from Turkey. We are all really excited to see how God uses the concert to bring truth to a city of only 7 believers. After watching the activity last night, I can only imagine the entire city will be there to watch the show. They have never had a live concert come to their town, and after taking to a few locals yesterday, they are very excited to have us here!

Pray for Polican and that God will have His way among us as we share the truth of the Gospel.





So after many adventures and too many connecting flights to shake a stick at, I finally arrived in Dresden, where the Krogis Mission school is located. So good to be around people after traveling for so long. The people here are so amazing! Reminds me a lot of what I can imagine the church in Acts was like. So many languages and nationalities, but all with the same love for Christ. The only night I stayed there they had a service that was simultaneously translated into Turkish and Portuguese.

After my nights stay there, and a beautiful nights rest of finally sleeping horizontally, the morning arrived quick and two girls and I headed off to Prague. This is where we were going to make a connecting flight to Athens ending in Albania were we were going to meet up with the rest of the NLM team.

Knowing nothing of Albania before I arrived, it was a fascinating place to be. The city where we are is made up of haphazardly organized buildings drastically ranging in quality and size. One building will be a beautifully designed hotel and the next will be an completely run down abandoned empty frame of a building. It is so awesome!! You can literally be in the center of the city and walk by ruins. As a climber, I am constantly tempted to climb just about everything, however, I am trying my best to avoid ending up in Albanian prison :/ haha.

So finally met up with the rest of the No Longer Music team who had recently been in Turkey for the first two concerts of the tour. Great people, instantly was welcomed into the family. My soul is happy to be with people so passionate about Jesus.

Looks like we have a free day tomorrow and our first concert is on Saturday. Pumped to see what the Lord does! Keep praying! He is going to do some amazing things!



Athens from the air!




Albanian Mountians!










Only the Beginning

So yesterday was the start of this journey to Europe and it has been nothing less than exciting! Arrived in Iceland and had about 4 hours till my next flight. The question was…stay in the airport? Or explore?…EXPLORE!! :D

So I got out of the airport and found a taxi. I asked earlier from a customer service attendant, how much the fair would be to taxi to the nearest town? She said it would only be about $20 both ways, so I found a taxi and said to take me to town! The driver graciously agreed and we were off!

Now fast forward 30mn into the drive…I am thinking to myself, “I thought this was a nearby town, this seems quite far away…however we continue. Then I notice the $$ raking up on the dashboard, of course it’s in Icelandic currency (Krona) and I pay no attention. We drive a little further, I decide to type the 8000 Krona charge into my currency converter into an iPhone app I have….

$65!!!!! What?! And I am not even at the destination and I have to pay for the ride back!! Oh goodness, major fail!! :/

However, besides price of a taxi fair that was almost a quarter of my total airline fair to Germany, I spent a full one and a half hours in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. It was an amazing town! I was so surprised at how quite it was however even in the middle of town. It was such a peaceful place! I would love to go back and spend more time there and also explore the rest of the island…

So arrived back at the airport…almost broke now…arrived on time and soon boarded my flight to London!!!

Arrived in London at there time 10pm. However, I had slept the entire flight and time back at home was 3pm, so I was nowhere close to sleeping in the airport and yet again escaped the airport seeking adventures!…hopefully this time not spending my entire checking account :)

Boarded a train to central London and soon enough I was next to Big Ben on the Embankment! It felt so much like a dream…I took several hours before I really came to terms with the reality of where I was.

So now I am walking around with no real agenda besides burning the 9 hours I had till I needed to be back on my flight.

I ended up wandering in circles and enjoying the city night life, and within a few hours I was honestly feeling a bit lonely. I found it difficult to truly enjoy the sites when I really didn’t have someone to share it with. I prayed that God would reveal himself to me and meet me in my loneliness…and well He did! God provided a thick accented Scottish man named Jimmy. He had approached me and asked something I honestly couldn’t understand through his accent. After honestly just nodding to what he said, he asked me where I was from, and I said the USA. He then asked what sights I had seen, and I said a few, but didn’t know where they were and was worried about getting lost…then he says “wanna tour the city!? Let’s go!”

At first I was a little hesitant about following a stranger I just met around a city I have never been in, but within minutes you could really see his heart and life truly radiated from his face. He was such a happy fellow! Truly a joy to be around!

Soon enough we were walking to one end of the city to the next and seeing every point of interest you could visit…I honestly should have paid this guy!

Anyway, we ended up on the topic of religion and with little to no delay he told me straight up “I love Jesus”. Wow! God provides! It was amazing taking to him about life and learning SO MUCH from him!!

Here is a pic Jimmy. It is actually a picture of a video taken by my camera. I asked him to say a few things for me to remember and to share with others…so await an upload for that wonderful video! ;)


After walking and talking for miles on end, it was time to catch a bus to the airport. It was sad leaving such a great spontaneous friend, I really wish I could bring him along for the rest of my trip, but we parted and I went on my way to the airport on one of those sweet double decker buses! :)

So here I am, waiting for my flight to Germany! The journey has only begun, and excited to see what else God has in store! :)

First sight of Iceland! :)


Off to London!




What’s that over yonder!…


Eh! It’s Big Ben! This all seems like a dream!…


Good ol’ cup a’ espresso to cure the jet lag! ;)


Icelandic Lullabye

This was on a pillow on my flight to Iceland…I already am in love with this country! :). Wish I could stay there longer then a few hours…


Delayed Beginning

Today marks the day I will be heading out to Europe to meet with a ministry called No Longer Music. It is a ministry that reaches out to the secular youth of our generation that you would never find stepping foot in a church. They do this through the 40+ concerts during their tour through Europe. Counties include: Germany, Kosovo, Albania, Poland, Spain, Turkey, and many others.

Really excited to be apart of this ministry. I will be the “embedded journalist” and will be filming and editing short documentaries of each concert as the tour progresses.

You can learn more or donate to this amazing ministry at www.nolongermusic.com

As of right now however, I am stuck still in the US during a plane delay for one of my connecting flights to Iceland…in the mean time, I am listening to one of my favorite bands Sigur Ros, who are also based out of Iceland :D

Hopefully when I arrive in Iceland I will have some time to wonder around town. Iceland is such a gorgeous country! Won’t be able to see much, but anything would be worth the trek to escape the airport terminal.

In need of many prayers!



Bumper Bucks!

Get paid to drive and receive special deals and discounts from your favorite brands? Too good to be true? Not the case with Bumper Bucks!

Find out more at www.bumper-bucks.com

Had a ton of fun making this video. First big feat at animation…though difficult, I am pretty happy with the results and learned a ton doing it!

Check it out here!

fun. happy. quirky.


stumbled upon this on my usual skim through Vimeo.  what an amazing ministry!

we will always need more and more orphanages with the constantly growing abandoned children…unless REAL MEN are raised up to “MAN UP!”

check it out!


Production 101

momma always said, “a clean desk is a productive desk.”


Sneak Peak!

here is a sneak peak of the most recent Media Parable wedding film!  so excited!

Steve and Kaite

Adventures on the Longboard

after working back to back to back 13 hour days, i can tell you…in needed some REST!  so first to call, my bro Shaun to shred it up around Fargo on the longboards!  the fabulous thing about long boarding is you’re closer to the pedestrian level than a bike or car, but can go just as fast.  hence, you can cover a ton of ground, but still have the ability to enter environments you might not otherwise stop in if you were in a car or bike…its an amazing way to move!  here are some shots taken by the iphone during our adventures!



probably not the first to say this by any means, but what an amazing couple! it was truly an honor to be able to film and produce their wedding video for them. Camila did much of the planning for the wedding, and everything turned out great!

i tried to create something truly unique to Tom and Camila’s relationship. a little quirky. spontaneous, fun-loving. but most of all, they love Jesus. their relationship with each other shines the light of Christ wherever they go!  so excited to see what God has in store for them in their future.

the music comes from the amazing band called the Leagues, check them out!  saw them in concert when they opened up for Mat Kearney (aka my favorite artist…matter of fact, listening to him right now!).  fell in love with the happiness and joy in their music.  when it came to looking for some tunes for Tom and Camila’s wedding on The Music Bed, i ran into them again.  i felt like it fit their personalities so well!  the song made me want to jump up and dance, even after the possible hundreds of times listening to it while editing over it.  check out their tunes on spotify now! (if you don’t have Spotify by now, download it, it will change yo life!)

Leagues – Haunted

Music was Licensed by The Music Bed


only a little bit of color grading and subtle effects and it will be done!

putting finishing touches on the Stadum’s wedding video! will upload in the next few days! mp

Why is art important?


An amazing sunset today! God never ceases to amaze!


saw this amazing sunset the other day while i was working hard editing a video.  i was in the midst of a big project and had been busy all day on it…as i gazed at the descending sun as it produced blues, reds, yellows, and pinks, i was provoked with a thought.  as a person who loves to create and enjoy art, i found myself wondering…why do we create art?  why do spend time, energy, and money to make things beautiful?  what would a world look like without art?  would it still function?  would earth exist without the presence of art?

there must me something inherent in us that provokes us to CREATE.

being made in Gods image, we should look at who God is…God CREATED the earth in its entirety.  he is the master artist who created the true master piece without comparison.

while God created the world, he didn’t say to himself, “i don’t want to spend the time to create something beautiful, just functional.  it just needs to work.” God did spend the time (if that makes sense at all, given that time didn’t exist before it was created, but aside the matter) to make the world a beautiful work of ART.  He took the extra effort and make sunsets full of colors, clouds to turn into shapes we could find animals in, He made lush tall forests for us to feel small in, He made micro organisms for us to wonder at our worlds complexity…

He made…US! and he says we aren’t just “good” but we are “VERY GOOD!”

as being made in the image of God, we embody characteristics of God, and that includes his creativity.  we innately have a desire to create beautiful things because we serve a God who makes beautiful things.  so it is our duty, our calling, to create.  it’s in our hearts to create.  so keep on creating world! :)