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Burrel, Albania - Media Parable Films

Burrel, Albania

This was out last concert in Albania…so sad.  But what a great way to end our time here.  However, at first it didn’t look so hot.  After getting all the equipment ready and put together, we found out the electricity power that we were getting wasn’t enough.  The results where unusable sound quality and limited use of lights, etc.  After looking into plan, A, B, C, D and E, we decided to unplug all the lights and subs.  But we had faith that even without all the fancy stuff we thought was necessary,  God had a plan to share the Gospel, and there was nothing that would stop that from happening.

So as we started the concert, a major crowd began to grow and grow.  Someone counted upwards of 1000 people!  WOW!  With no advertisements and a concert that was stripped to almost an a cappella, the Gospel was proclaimed and received by many in the saturated muslim populated town of Burrel.  It was a humbling experience for everyone to see how God doesn’t need any fancy lights or smoke to make His good news proclaimed and effective to his children.

:: God is a lot stronger than we allow Him to be ::

Video still in production…upload in the next 24 hrs

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