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Delayed Beginning - Media Parable Films

Delayed Beginning

Today marks the day I will be heading out to Europe to meet with a ministry called No Longer Music. It is a ministry that reaches out to the secular youth of our generation that you would never find stepping foot in a church. They do this through the 40+ concerts during their tour through Europe. Counties include: Germany, Kosovo, Albania, Poland, Spain, Turkey, and many others.

Really excited to be apart of this ministry. I will be the “embedded journalist” and will be filming and editing short documentaries of each concert as the tour progresses.

You can learn more or donate to this amazing ministry at www.nolongermusic.com

As of right now however, I am stuck still in the US during a plane delay for one of my connecting flights to Iceland…in the mean time, I am listening to one of my favorite bands Sigur Ros, who are also based out of Iceland :D

Hopefully when I arrive in Iceland I will have some time to wonder around town. Iceland is such a gorgeous country! Won’t be able to see much, but anything would be worth the trek to escape the airport terminal.

In need of many prayers!



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