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Grabian, Albania - Media Parable Films

Grabian, Albania

The past few days have been a crazy ride.  After our concert in Polican, we headed off to Tirana, a major city in Albania.  We checked into our hotel and had a meeting.  During the meeting, the local pastor who organized our concert the next day told us the show was cancelled.  The show was scheduled to play at a local jail, however due to some unknown reason, they asked to postpone to a date we could not commit to.  So now we have a night where we don’t have anything scheduled.  Frustrating none the less…so we prayed.  We left in groups of two to pray that God would provide a venue to play at.  After coming back an opportunity had arisen!  PRAISE GOD!

However, with little advertising, and little to no planning with the location…it was going to be a very unpredictable, but God definitely had a plan!…

The venue was going to be hosted in a town called Grabian.  What we were told is that the city was used to exile and contain people that the government saw as outcasts.  So essentially, massive group of people who are rejects from society.  Such a sad place to be, but what an amazing place to be a light to a place that is in such pain.

When we arrived in our giant red van, a small group of kids saw and and ran over…this group turned into a crowd, and soon to a swarm!  I mean lets be honest, a large group of random people jump out of a van, start unpacking guitars and speakers in your town square in your rural city in Albania, what kid wouldn’t freak out!  It was great at first to be welcomed with such excitement, however honestly, it got a little nuts.  I was attempting to edit a video in a cafe just off the square and a group of kids we VERY interested in whatever I was doing.  Here is a few picks of the maddness :D

What a crazy group of kids! haha.  They did settle down a bit after the day went on, and I ended up becoming great friends with the kid above in the white shirt named Antonio.  What a STUD!

As the night progressed we all were anxious about how the night would look.  We were nervous about the lack of advertisement and if the night wouldn’t have any turn out…but in our lack of faith, GOD PROVIDED!  Word must have spread through town while we were unpacking and a mighty good size crew showed up for the start of the show at 7:30.

The town square was PACKED to see the show!  WOW, GOD IS GOOD.  He provides even in the midst of our weakness…proves of our reliance on God is more than essential.  The show went extremely well despite the  lack of a stage (had another fallout with a local company that we planned to rent from).

You could see how each person was desperate to see the show and was effected by the message once the concert ended.  As I was running around getting interviews , which is usually difficult to get people to talk, it was almost overwhelming on how many people were so willing to talk about how they met God that night!  I even had an interview with an old man in his 70′s that said “I felt a weight on my body I have never felt before as I watched the show.”  Later he told me he has been involved in many religions, but tonight he had found TRUTH.  WOW!!

We left that night feeling so grateful we serve a God that can provided supernaturally!  God did amazing work that night, and we are praying and ask that you join in prayer for the people of Grabian!  God is moving and we need the local church to come around and raise up the seeds planted.

Video will be up in a few days!

:: Love ya’ll ::

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