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Krogis, Germany - Media Parable Films

Krogis, Germany

After almost two days of traveling we finally arrived in Krogis, Germany where the Radical Mission School is located.  I first was at the school at the beginning of the tour before I flew to Albania, but was only there for the night and left early the next morning.  So having about a week to relax and rest before going back on tour, I was eager to explore the small village of Korgis!

Krogis is so picaresque, I find myself just looking around and saying to myself “I didn’t know places like this even existed!”  The settings you find yourself in, as you wander the village, are similar to places that you’ve seen in movies or photos that you never really thought actually existed in a physical place.  I would love to film a short film here along the beautifully crafted cobble stone roads and the dramatic street lamps that illuminate the alleys at night.  Wish you could be here to experience it all first hand with me, but here are some photos that I snapped while meandering through the cities’ town and fields.

Krogis is filled with fruit!  Went on a walk with a buddy and found apples, plums, figs, cherries, and pears!  YUM!

Krogis is such a great place to find peace.  God has used this place to give me a lot of clarity and direction on what He wants me to pursue these up coming years, so excited for it all!! :D

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