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Only the Beginning - Media Parable Films

Only the Beginning

So yesterday was the start of this journey to Europe and it has been nothing less than exciting! Arrived in Iceland and had about 4 hours till my next flight. The question was…stay in the airport? Or explore?…EXPLORE!! :D

So I got out of the airport and found a taxi. I asked earlier from a customer service attendant, how much the fair would be to taxi to the nearest town? She said it would only be about $20 both ways, so I found a taxi and said to take me to town! The driver graciously agreed and we were off!

Now fast forward 30mn into the drive…I am thinking to myself, “I thought this was a nearby town, this seems quite far away…however we continue. Then I notice the $$ raking up on the dashboard, of course it’s in Icelandic currency (Krona) and I pay no attention. We drive a little further, I decide to type the 8000 Krona charge into my currency converter into an iPhone app I have….

$65!!!!! What?! And I am not even at the destination and I have to pay for the ride back!! Oh goodness, major fail!! :/

However, besides price of a taxi fair that was almost a quarter of my total airline fair to Germany, I spent a full one and a half hours in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. It was an amazing town! I was so surprised at how quite it was however even in the middle of town. It was such a peaceful place! I would love to go back and spend more time there and also explore the rest of the island…

So arrived back at the airport…almost broke now…arrived on time and soon boarded my flight to London!!!

Arrived in London at there time 10pm. However, I had slept the entire flight and time back at home was 3pm, so I was nowhere close to sleeping in the airport and yet again escaped the airport seeking adventures!…hopefully this time not spending my entire checking account :)

Boarded a train to central London and soon enough I was next to Big Ben on the Embankment! It felt so much like a dream…I took several hours before I really came to terms with the reality of where I was.

So now I am walking around with no real agenda besides burning the 9 hours I had till I needed to be back on my flight.

I ended up wandering in circles and enjoying the city night life, and within a few hours I was honestly feeling a bit lonely. I found it difficult to truly enjoy the sites when I really didn’t have someone to share it with. I prayed that God would reveal himself to me and meet me in my loneliness…and well He did! God provided a thick accented Scottish man named Jimmy. He had approached me and asked something I honestly couldn’t understand through his accent. After honestly just nodding to what he said, he asked me where I was from, and I said the USA. He then asked what sights I had seen, and I said a few, but didn’t know where they were and was worried about getting lost…then he says “wanna tour the city!? Let’s go!”

At first I was a little hesitant about following a stranger I just met around a city I have never been in, but within minutes you could really see his heart and life truly radiated from his face. He was such a happy fellow! Truly a joy to be around!

Soon enough we were walking to one end of the city to the next and seeing every point of interest you could visit…I honestly should have paid this guy!

Anyway, we ended up on the topic of religion and with little to no delay he told me straight up “I love Jesus”. Wow! God provides! It was amazing taking to him about life and learning SO MUCH from him!!

Here is a pic Jimmy. It is actually a picture of a video taken by my camera. I asked him to say a few things for me to remember and to share with others…so await an upload for that wonderful video! ;)


After walking and talking for miles on end, it was time to catch a bus to the airport. It was sad leaving such a great spontaneous friend, I really wish I could bring him along for the rest of my trip, but we parted and I went on my way to the airport on one of those sweet double decker buses! :)

So here I am, waiting for my flight to Germany! The journey has only begun, and excited to see what else God has in store! :)

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