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NLM in Lushjne, Albania - Media Parable Films

NLM in Lushjne, Albania

Playing catch up with all concerts we have had back to back the past week.  Just finished several videos today and will be upload later.  So keep your eyes open!

So after our awesome experience in Grabian we were off to Lushjne the next day.  Lushnje is predominately a muslim city of about 55 thousand with maybe 100 believers.  So it is also another very unreached place.

The band set up on a main square in the city. It was in the late afternoon but it was still REALLY hot. Probably 90 Fahrenheit but as the “embedded journalist”, while the crew is setting up for the concert, I have the “difficult” job of sitting in an air conditioned cafe editing away :)  haha…But its a different kind of work for sure as I don’t quite get breaks however.  I’ll be editing during the little time we have in the morning before we leave for the venue, crank away while they set up, film the concert, and export and convert footage once we get back to where were staying.  AKA, my computer is getting a work out!

It has been awesome tho!  As I get more familiar with the concert and what to shoot, I have more time to look around at the people watching the concert.  At this concert specifically, I had a very bizarre moment.  I was looking around at the context of the venue and thought to myself “I am in Albania…WOW, that’s really weird…cool!”  It was really the first time I had time to process anything after all the new experiences that were occurring throughout traveling.  I still feel a little wack being so far away from home, but at the same time I am right where my heart wants to be.  I love being right in the action of God at work…when the power of the God is so tangible…When you can see God work in such amazing ways, it blows me away!  And also that God lets me be apart of it all..so nuts!

Anyways, I am loving every second of touring with NLM.  The people are awesome and I can already tell they will be friends for a lifetime.  God is using this ministry to reach out to the forgotten ones of our world.  It is so evident of the reliance on God in the midst of struggle and tribulation during the hard times of tour.  It is ao great to be apart of a ministry that relies so much on God and not on their own power and will.


:: over and out ::


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