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Polican, Albania Concert - Media Parable Films

Polican, Albania Concert

I apologize for the delay in posts recently, internet in Albania you can guess, is a little unreliable…But here I am, still alive and well! :D

I will pick up where I left off…The Polican concert was an outstanding way to start the Albanian portion of the tour.  After the concert was postponed a day, we had a lot of time to build relationships in the town.  This was a huge blessing as much of the time we don’t get this opportunity.  This made the concert a lot more personal for the locals we met, and really connected our hearts to the people in Polican.

In Polican there is only a handful of believers at the local church, most of them foreigners.  So it is a very unreached part part of the world.  It was awesome to see the Gospel clearly proclaimed to almost 1000 people that night.  34 indicated that they wished to personally receive more information about Jesus.  The local believers will be doing follow up with every person who expressed interest, which is essential for further growth and discipleship.




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