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Polican, Albania - Media Parable Films

Polican, Albania

Arrived in the small mountain village of Polican, Albania yesterday. What an amazing place! I believe this town is one of the worlds best kept secrets. It is not only beautifully positioned in the mountains, but the people here are so communally oriented. Every night at 7:30 the main street becomes packed with people. We were told that this happens regularly without any event or festival to bring them together. They simply come to a common place to interact and talk. People from all ages come and enjoy each others company. It is an amazing sight to see people desire to be around their neighbors. I am learning so much just from watching this town.

Tonight will be the first concert since the rest of the NLM team joined us from Turkey. We are all really excited to see how God uses the concert to bring truth to a city of only 7 believers. After watching the activity last night, I can only imagine the entire city will be there to watch the show. They have never had a live concert come to their town, and after taking to a few locals yesterday, they are very excited to have us here!

Pray for Polican and that God will have His way among us as we share the truth of the Gospel.





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