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Media Parable Wedding Films

Media Parable Films is a Minnesota based wedding videographer that focuses on the life and joy of your wedding day and articulating that through a film.

Why get a wedding film? Just think of all the hours and effort in planning and organizing your Big Day and before you know it, it’s over. Film has the amazing ability to bring you back to those special moments, otherwise – lost forever… this is where Media Parable comes in. We don’t want to make “just another wedding video”, but make one specific to you.  We start with simply asking about your story of how you met and use it to bring unique personality to your video.  It’s not just a documentary of your wedding day, but also a individual look into your relationship. We want to get some shots of you just being together, dancing on the street, holding hands…anything that makes you, you!

Here are some examples of our work:

Nelson & Bre

Sam & Meagan

Mary & Jake

Brittany & Grant

Collin & Rachel

Ola & Borys

Alex & Bree

Katie & Brock

Tom & Camila

Will & Hillary

Scott & Amber

Steve & Kaite

Ben & Jesse

Alannah & Ben

Parker & Kristina